Mini Website Setup: Light


Mini website development based on WordPress CMS with 4 pages and 15+ referred domains.


Small website development based on a new or drop domain name

We got 16 years of experience in WordPress web development, so we can build good quality websites cheap and easy.

  • We will find domain names for your niche or take dropped domains with 15+ referred domains, Majestic TF7+
  • 4 pages with 200-700 words of content.
  • Privacy Policy, Terms of Use pages.
  • 1-year hosting.
  • Footprints free.
  • Website security setup.
  • Hide contact information.
  • Unique IP and NS for each site.
  • Spam checker for domains.
  • Security and linking manual.
  • Any language: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Norwegian, and others.
WordPress Maintenance Package

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