WordPress Website Migration Service


As part of this service, I will professionally migrate your site on CMS WordPress to another hosting and/or domain.


Professional migration of WordPress site to another hosting, domain

When changing the website address, I will also configure 301 redirects to automatically redirect users from the old addresses to the new ones, as well as inform search engines and other services about the address change to preserve link mass, positions in search results, etc.

This service covers the following tasks:

  • Transferring the site to another hosting.
  • Site transfer to another domain.
  • Moving the site to another directory on the server.
  • Switching from insecure HTTP protocol to secure HTTPS.
  • Setting up a 301 redirect (redirection) from the old site to the new one.

The advantages of working with me

  • A high level of professional ethics.
  • High-quality performance and meeting deadlines.
  • High level of security and privacy.

Necessary for the order:

  • Address of the site to be migrated and login/password for access to the site control panel with administrator rights.
  • Domain name to which you want to transfer the site (if you order the move to a new domain).
  • The address of the hosting and domain name registrar, as well as username and password to access the control panel. If the hosting and domain name registrar are different, then you should specify the data of both accounts.

Every business needs a scalable website to grow its online presence and increase profit. An ordinary website is not enough if you want to outperform competitors and grab new clients. You have to pick the platform wisely to develop a feature-rich web portal. Choosing an inefficient platform can seriously hurt your efforts of being the best.

WordPress has become the leading platform to build an eCommerce and information-sharing site. People are choosing this CMS to build personal blogs and sell thousands of products online. It offers many exciting features to improve the website’s performance and make it more engaging.

You are certainly missing a great opportunity to be the best if you are not on WordPress! Use the WordPress website migration service to switch to the world’s leading CMS right now.

WordPress Maintenance Package

Why should you switch to WordPress now?

You must have thought to build a WordPress website when you had planned to get a new web portal. Whatever the reason was you didn’t choose this CMS for your site, you can still try it! It will be a smart decision to try WordPress if you are a digital publisher!

It is consistently improving and offering new technologies to meet the growing needs of modern users. WordPress not only leads the online publishing sector, but it is also leading the eCommerce space.

This CMS platform now powers over 42% of websites launched till the day. No other content management system platform is even closer to WordPress. Being an open-source CMS, WordPress welcomes numerous developers to craft unique themes, templates, plugins, and other tools for sites.

Even though you aren’t launching a huge website, it can entertain millions of users if it’s a WP website! You can easily expand the site and add new things to attract more visitors. Assess the following benefits of migrating to WordPress to learn why you should switch to this CMS now!

It is quite easy to manage

Most people pick WordPress CMS due to its easy customization features. Your staff will have a much better back-end experience if you migrate to this CMS. People call WordPress the easiest-to-use CMS because anyone can manage it if the user can access it.

You do not need to log in to the server and download the HTML files to update the website. There is no need to make changes in the coding if you want to make ordinary changes on the website.

It is okay if you do not know much about coding and web development. It is as simple as logging in to your social media profile and making a post. You can add or edit any post published on the website.

WordPress website developers offer more affordable services than other platforms. Therefore, it won’t be too expensive to make the necessary changes to the website. Easy customization is the key reason people pick WordPress and should migrate for the same reason!

Many plugins to improve the website

A WordPress website’s performance depends hugely on plugins. These are bits of software that developers add to add new functionalities. Whatever feature you want to add to your website, you can find a WP plugin for that job.

The WordPress plugin directory is pretty vast, where you can find tools for ads, eCommerce features, SEO, etc. You may think that it will be daunting to integrate these plugins, but it’s not!

Many independent developers and firms develop new WordPress plugins. You can buy them online or try most of them for free. Integrate the new feature if it makes your site function better than before!

Faster loading speed

Your online business’s success also depends on the loading speed of web pages. Since user experience matters a lot, you can’t use a website that takes several seconds to load. Your website should not take more than 2-5 seconds to load completely. The visitor will switch to another site if loads slowly!

Just imagine you are trying to find important information and the site is taking forever to load. Will you wait more than 5 seconds to check the information or a product, which is also available on other sites? You won’t and that’s what other users also do!

Being the leading WordPress solution providers, we ensure the site is configured properly for quick loading. Suppose you can’t switch to a new server, you should switch to WordPress. This platform impressively boosts the loading speed of the website.

You will gain more visitors and the conversion rate will also improve. Make it a top priority if the server is overloaded and you are using another CMS!

You don’t need to redesign the website

You may not like to redesign the website from scratch if it is perfect according to your needs. It won’t be necessary if you are migrating to WordPress. You can keep the same website design and your users will not even notice any change.

The only difference your users will assess is the fast loading speed of web pages. It may hint to some experts that you have eventually switched to WordPress. They will get fresh content more frequently because you will find it much easier to update.

Since it’s unnecessary to redesign the website, it will cut migration costs and overall costs of maintaining the website. Suppose you decide to add new features and looks to the site, we can help you. We will ensure the site looks and performs exactly the way you want!

WordPress is SEO-friendly

If your website’s rank in search engine result pages matters a lot, you should migrate it immediately to WordPress. This CMS allows you to optimize the website perfectly for SEO. Check all the top-ranked sites for any chosen keyword. You will find WP websites at the top.

Being an open-source CMS, WordPress is much easier to navigate and you can update the site more frequently. Search engines also prefer websites that load faster, provide fresh content along with amazing functions.

You get a barrage of SEO plugins and tools to optimize the site. Many developers try to find new ways of optimizing WP sites so that they can rank better. Website owners buy those plugins and developers earn good money.

WordPress benefits every involved party and you can take advantage of the latest SEO plugins available out there. Do not miss this chance if your business’s growth majorly depends on the website’s rank. Migrate the site to WordPress now!

Important things to know before moving your website to WordPress

Follow the below-given tips if you decide to migrate to WordPress:

Prepare the plan

Migration will become much easier if you got a perfect plan before initiating the process. The first thing you should do is consulting the process with a seasoned developer. Carefully assess your website, its content, and features.

You will recognize different parts of the website that deserve special attention. Your content archives, photo gallery, etc. should be handled carefully before migration. If you are migrating all the content, you will need a perfect plan to move everything.

You should contact us and inform us about your website migration needs if you wish to import the entire website. We have done it several times and our support will make the job much easier for you.

Make important adjustments

You need to customize settings and plugins before migrating the website. These adjustments are important, even on the simplest content management system! Suppose you have already installed WordPress, you will have to update permalinks.

Many experts pre-install plugins considering them an important part of the entire procedure. These plugins are required for form management, SEO management, backups, security, etc. You need to find all the important plugins and install them.

It’s the job of a professional WordPress developer to find the right tool for your website. We do this job flawlessly and that’s why many clients chose to handle WordPress migration work.

Use the importing tool if possible

The migration process becomes quite easier when your old CMS platform offers an importing tool. It will be a lucky break because you will have to follow simple instructions to migrate the content. You will have to migrate the website manually if you don’t get the importing tool.

Suppose you got high volumes of content, you should contact us. We are one of the leading WordPress outsourcing services. We have built numerous sites and migrated many websites from other CMS platforms to WordPress.

Your website will look the same, but its performance will improve. We can handle the job very well, regardless of the size of your website. We specialize in this job and you will enjoy working with us!

What type of migration support do we offer?

We have served individuals and business owners for many years. Our expertise and knowledge of the latest techniques help us carry out crucial procedures smoothly. We ensure minimal downtime and your website will function normally. You can trust us and hire us for the following services:

Migrate a website to WordPress from other content management systems:

We have migrated several websites to WordPress from other popular CMSs. It has been a smooth move for our clients because we have recommended and carried out the best solutions.

Whether your current website is on HTML static, Wix, Weebly, or Shopify, we can migrate it without losing essential data. We create a complete backup to ensure nothing goes wrong during and after migration. We perform:

  • The entire website migration without changing its appearance
  • Migration by including the latest plugins and features to the site
  • Custom development to meet your new requirements and make the website function better
  • Complete website backup to help you recover important data.

Database migration support

We have many seasoned developers in our team who provide extensive migration support. They ensure your website’s data is successfully transferred to a new server. It becomes a seamless moving operation and we also offer support to reconfigure your website to the new server. We perform:

  • Content migration
  • Host to host migration
  • Data mapping once the migration process is over
  • Multisite data migration

WordPress integration

If it is not enough to switch to WordPress, you can use this CMS to improve your website’s functionality. As mentioned earlier, many plugins and tools are available to make an ordinary website a cutting-edge WordPress web portal.

We offer support for third party integration, installation of tailor-made extensions, and plugin development. You can bank on us for developing feature-rich plugins, template design integration, and customizing third-party plugins.

Website maintenance and post-migration support

Every website requires regular maintenance and improvements with the advent of new technologies. You should try to feature the best web portal if you want to be the best service provider. We provide post-migration support and WordPress website maintenance services.

Our team thoroughly assesses the performance of your site and troubleshoots the errors. If any issues are found, we will fix those issues to make your WP site function better. We ensure your website response is better and loads within two to three seconds. All the plugins are tested during the maintenance and we add new tools if required.

Your site will stay live and entertain clients while our team is performing the maintenance work. It is an important procedure that many firms perform when they outsource website maintenance work to our company.

How do we carry out website migration work?

The hiring process is pretty flexible and we respond quickly to all the messages and emails sent by clients.

It begins with discussing your project. You can contact us and schedule a free consultation with our experts. We can communicate through any suitable communication channel to understand your needs perfectly. You will get the best solution for your needs for sure!

We do not proceed without discussing project details. It is our priority to scrutinize project details before moving forward. Thus, we do not miss any important details and plan a perfect job to satisfy your demands.

We send a detailed proposal for the job. You can assess our proposal, check the cost and time it may take to complete. We always welcome clients for further discussions if they do not get certain points. Our experts will explain everything to proceed ahead with your consent.

We will begin the migration work after discussing all the details. Our team will carry out this job flawlessly and complete the project before the deadline. You will get a bug-free and fully functional website to entertain visitors.

We also offer post-migration support and free maintenance support for certain days. Consult with our team now to know more details about our WordPress Website Migration Service.

Why choose us?

You should choose us for this important job because:

  • We experience and knowledge to migrate websites flawlessly. Our team members have designed, developed, managed, and maintained numerous WordPress websites. We thoroughly assess your needs and find the best tools and techniques to complete the job. Our team performs flawlessly when it comes to migrating a website to WordPress from other CMS. Therefore, you trust us for exceptional work quality!
  • Perfect planning for a perfect result. Since we specialize in website migration, we can move any website to WordPress regardless of its type or size. We develop and follow a perfect plan to avoid losses. Our step-by-step approach ensures complete migration without data loss and downtime.
  • Zero downtime. Since we use our server to develop new WordPress platforms, it ensures zero downtime during migration. Your website will appear and function exactly like the site it was on the old CMS. However, it will load much faster and your SEO team will find it much easier to optimize. We guarantee minimal downtime and 100% visibility to entertain your regular users.
  • We guarantee no data loss! Many website owners delay the migration process because they do not want to lose clients and essential data. Being the leading WordPress migration service, we collect and protect your data for quick recovery.
    All the data uploaded on your website will be there after migration. Whether we have to perform manual migration or use a tool, we guarantee 100% data integrity.
  • We are adept and punctual! Our team is going to manage end-to-end services during the migration process. On-time delivery is our top priority, but we never cut corners! We promise a realistic deadline so that we can thoroughly test your website before the completion of the job. That’s how we carry out a website migration service and charge a very reasonable fee for our support!

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